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Tezos is a self-amending blockchain protocol that promotes building of smart contracts and decentralized apps. Upgrades to the protocol will be produced through transparent community / stakeholders decision-making in a structured way. It is constructed with a very solid underlying security and automatic code verification.
The Tezos Foundation, through an uncapped ICO, sold 80 percent of all tokens in July 2017 for $232 million. The Foundation had 10 percent reserved and the development team another 10 percent reserved. The community decided to suggest a fresh leadership after some misalignments with the Foundation's earlier head. Now the Foundation is led by fully committed members of the community who lastly pushed the network's launch to 01.07.18. Since then, the network has run smoothly and has even updated the verbiosity from Betanet to Mainnet.
Tezos is a project that is open source and enables anyone to contribute. Arthur Breitman wrote the Tezos Whitepaper in 2014. His firm Dynamic Ledger Solutions has since created the Codebase. The Tezos Foundation is now allocating resources to many other firms and people who assist create the protocol and infrastructure around it.
In Tezos, the consensus model is described as Liquid Stake Proof (LPoS). LPoS allows stakeholders to engage in the baking & governance process, even with the lowest amount of holdings, by delegating the coins to a Delegation Service of their choice.
Staking in Tezos is called "baking" while baking new blocks is a cheeky metaphor to create new blocks on the chain of Tezos.
For anyone who doesn't have enough coins or just doesn't want to bake alone, you can give your coins to a Delegation Service to bake for him and still get a share of the rewards.
It is necessary to have at least 10,000ꜩ to bake Tezos idependently, as the baking rights are assigned in rolls where 1 roll represents 10,000ꜩ or more. A Tezos Node and the baker & endorser client, which must be continuously attached to the energy and web, must be running for the process. It is suggested that the node be maintained by the dev team with frequent updates and that the funds be secured in a hardware wallet.
It's very secure to delegate Tezos. The investor maintains control over his private keys and doesn't have to send his coins to anybody. Delegating is just like voting, where the voting power is tied to the amount of coins in the address presently retained.
Delegating Tezos is very easy, safe and can be done directly inside the wallet within a few minutes.
Participants receive rewards for baking fresh blocks, endorsing fresh blocks, and also receiving transaction charges from the last block spent on the network. The amount of baking and approval rights allocated to a participant depends on its Staking Balance in correlation with the complete amount of all coins presently being baked or delegated to all bakers. The higher the individual share of the total supply of coins, the higher the chance of getting more baking rights.