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Cosmos is described as "Internet of Blockchains". The primary aim is to allow various blockchains to communicate. The Cosmos Hub, which primary tokens are ATOMs and PHOTONs, is the first accessible connection between all blockchain network ecosystems. Atom functions as the coin for staking and governance, while Photon is required to pay transaction fees.
75% of the coins were sold via a Token Sale in April 2017. The sale price was around $0.1 per ATOM. 5% of the coins were assigned to Lead Donors of the project. These coins have been unlocked and distributed since 14th March 2019. 10% of the coins are assigned to the Interchain Foundation (IFC), and another 10% to ALL IN BITS, Inc with a vesting period of 2 years.
Jae Kwon, who still leads large components of the project, first launched the concept of Cosmos and Tendermint. Cosmos now has a global developer community and is endorsed by the Interchain Foundation.
The best way to stake ATOMs for the average consumer is by delegating to one of the network's validators. There is currently no wallet audited to delegate ATOM. The safest way is to use the CLI.
With the proposed block time of 5s, the initial inflation is 7%. This Rate will rise by up to 13% p.a. to 20% until we reached a Stake Ratio of 66%. Once the Stake Ratio is over 66% the inflation will slowly decrease back until 7%. Effectively the staking yield always depends on the stake ratio and inflation, which are live tracked on this site for you.
Yes, the coins are at danger of slashing even by delegating ATOM. If the Validator misses blocks or attempts to corrupt the network, the holdings of delegators may be slashed. Choosing a skilled and trusted Staking Service is therefore very important.