The compilation of staking news for the beginning of January 2020

The beginning of 2020 is unexpectedly rich in announcements and releases. And we are, at Combatnerd, can't wait to share this news.

DIVI become available at PolisPay App

Divi Project announced the inclusion of DIVI to the PolisPay payment platform. This integration allows DIVI users to make real-world payments across 30+ counties of Europe. The pre-paid card can be loaded with up to 100 USD worth of DIVI and other cryptocurrencies without mandatory KYC.

PolisPay enables users to swap cryptocurrencies with their Shift feature. Quickly swap between any of the supported PolisPay currencies right inside the wallet.

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Energi provided mode details about the upcoming Gen 3 update

Energi team has confirmed that the release will happen not earlier than the end of Feb 2020.

The key point to note is that we will launch Gen 3 when it’s ready, rather than rush any part of the launch and sacrifice quality to hit an arbitrary deadline.

The Energi 3.0 milestone will bring the support of Smart Contracts (that are compatible with Ethereum) while keeping the existed features like Treasury, Masternodes, Community Governance. Transition to the new network will be done by a seamless, trustless, and decentralized method of the Coin Migration procedure.

Also, the Energi project team reminded users about the testnet bug bounty program, where anyone can earn up to 5000 NRG per bug.

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KnowYourDeveloper released the KYC and AML Solution

The new platform includes:

  • Face verification by AI and human;
  • Document and address verification;
  • Image and video content verification;
  • AML screening using Watch and Sanction lists.

An updated roadmap for 2020, with marketing and partnership establishment plans, will be released by the end of this month.

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StackOfStake announced a big update

StackOfStake staking and investment platform announced the release of the 3.0 update. It will bring an improved user interface, inbuilt cryptocurrency exchange, a Premium plan, and other features. This update is planned to be released during the first half of 2020. Also, StackOfStake is looking to become the validator in big Proof-Of-Stake networks like Tezos, Cosmos, and others.

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Images courtesy of StackofStake