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{{name}} ({{symbol}}) is a cryptocurrency. {{name}} ({{symbol}}) price for today is {{price | currencyFormat}} with a 24-hour trading volume of {{vol | currencyFormat}}. Price is {{dchange | currencydecimal}}% in the last 24 hours. It has a circulating supply of {{circ | currencydecimal}} coins and a max supply of {{supply | currencydecimals}} coins. Additional information about {{symbol}} coin can be found at

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EOS is a decentralized application blockchain infrastructure. The primary focus is on the protocol's scalability, flexibility and usability.
As of 26 June 2017, 90% of the initial EOS tokens were purchased through a 1-year ICO. At the end of the sale, the total value of Ethereum raised was approximately $4 billion.
EOS is mainly developed by the Company
Staking in EOS is called the "block producing". To preserve the EOS Mainnet, Block Producers operate nodes. Anyone with EOS tokens can vote for his choice's block producers. The only ones that actually generate blocks will be the 21 Block Producers with the most votes.
Eos has a 5% annual inflation. 4% goes to a savings fund, which might distribute the funds to the community later on. 1% goes to Block producers and Standby Block Producers. Out of the 1% that are given to block producers, only 0.25% will go to the actual 21 producers of the blocks. The other 0.75% will be shared amongst all block producers and standby block producers – based on how many votes they receive and with a minimum of 100 EOS/day.
Each token can vote for 30 separate Block Producers. One token, however, can not be used twice to vote for the same BP. This implies that if only 1 Block Producer is voted for, they will receive only 1 vote for each token that you actually stake.
The EOS Mainnet is run and maintained by EOS Block Producers. Many significant transactions and dapps are deployed on the EOS mainnet. Voting for honest, committed, transparent EOS Block Producer, who are keeping the network healthy, is worthwhile.
At present, we are not aware of any Block Producers sharing the rewards with their voters. Please contact us if you know some.